Monday, February 9, 2015

Sister Kramer: Boys Shouldn't Drive

Oh my it's a novel!! ;)

the snow here is crazy im am so not a fan its cold and it sticks to everything and it is just tomuch white stuff  for one person to handle :P 

this week has been really good we had the opportunity to travel down to zone conference. it is only about a two hour drive so we drove with the elders...lets just say that you shouldn't let 19 year old boys drive on snowy highways!
So as we are getting close to the toll bridge..we are only about 50feet from the gate to pay  and the one elder sees this car paying at one of the gates  and guns it cause he dosent want to get stuck behind him on the bridge so he is speeding but sees that he is not going to beat this car so he slams on his breaks but the roads are icy so he dosent have enough traction so he slides and we see that he is going to hit the metal bar that comes down until you pay But i guess God was watching over us that day because at the last possible second the bar lift and misses the windshield and the roof of the car by 2inches!! dont worry we didnt get in trouble we had a makpass so we dont have to pay....but lets just say i drove home!  
but on a good note zone conference was great i went away with my cup full
so of the thinks i took away were...

to worry or to fear is to pray to the wrong god.

He has promised us that he will give us all that he has....and God has everything.

Some say a coincidence is the way God makes himself unknown but we know that a coincidence is the Way that God makes himself known unto us.

It is not possible to please God without faith--by faith all things should be done.

love you all 
sister kramer


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