Monday, February 23, 2015

Sister Kramer: They Let Them DRIVE???



this week was really good we traveled down to halifax to see the mission doctor because my companion has been really sick.... but she is okay and doing better :) but while we were in halifax we got to go to the temple it was the first time i have been able to go on my mission it was simply amazing to go you just feel peace there!
on the drive home we got stuck in amherst over night because the cops had closed the highway do to too many crashes because of bad weather so that was fun but we do have sisters there so we stayed with them :)  
but on the drive there we hit some white out for about 20minutes which was scary i almost hit a car because all i see are brake lights come on 15 feet infront of me so i have to pull in to the other lane to avoid it so fun you're lucky i have the companionship of the holy ghost :) 
also last week i bent the rim on one of my tires because this car ran me of the road so i went in to the snow bank and i hit the curb underneath just awesome :) dont worry it go fixed.
love you all :)
sister kramer 



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