Sunday, February 15, 2015

Storm Watch

I was surprised when I saw the weather alerts PEI yesterday, for today (its the only creeping this missionary mom does, I promise)....

Blizzard Warning
Storm Surge Warning
50+ cm of Snow
-35 C Wind Chill
120 km/hr Wind Gusts

I laid awake last night, worried...
I checked my weather app, all day....

The storm continues to live up to the warnings.


{Courtenay this afternoon     Summerside this afternoon}

This is the first time since Bailey left, that I have actually worried about her safety....

"Hey Robin, there's an email there from Bailey's mission president, they are all safe and accounted for."

I burst into tears, surprising even me....I guess was more worried than I thought.

Don't get me wrong, I know they are in the Lord's hands as missionaries and a well watched over...

And even though I spend a lot of time making fun of my kids, I love them more than anything and there is something about just knowing they are safe....

We just love Bailey's mission president. He always keeps us in the loop and does an amazing job watching over his charge.

Dear Brother & Sister Kramer,

As you have probably heard there is a snow storm currently affecting most areas of our mission. It has been going on all day in various forms, with high winds, snow, rain and cold weather. All of our missionaries are accounted for and taken care of.

 We are not aware of any that are without power or otherwise affected by the weather. We will keep you informed as conditons improve.

 The safety and security of the missionaries is our highest priority.

Best regards,

President  L

It's such a good reminder that we are all watched over, through the storms in life.


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