Thursday, February 26, 2015

Water Wars

So as of this morning the shower was still leaking....
The trap under the kitchen sink, leaking...
And the sink in my laundry/sewing room dripping like some sort of water-torture

So while I'm waiting for coats of paint to dry, I hear him ripping down a wall in the bathroom, determined to find the leak once and for all....

He quickly discovers the real source of the water problem, the solder in the joint for the shower had  failed and was spewing water only when the shower was running....

"I can fix that!!!"
"Grant you are NOT a plumber!?!?"
"What?!?! You don't trust me?!?!?"
"As my husband YES! As a plumber NO!"

So after much debate ( someone may or may not have yelled), reminder about the dishwasher episode and assurance that this did not affect his manhood....

Superman called a plumber!!! (It's a Kramer miracle)

And while we waited superman fixed the trap on the kitchen sink. ( so Super is a kinda plumber, just not the kind that uses torches or solder or such ;))

It took the plumber 15 minutes to fix the shower and as to not waste the service call 20 minutes to fix the laundry sink :) 

And that my friends cost us A grand total of $97 ....

"ROBIN YOU WERE RIGHT, I'm glad we called a plumber."

I just nodded and walked away, so he couldnt see the smirk on my face.

The water wars are over, I hope and as soon as we finished the kitchen, I guess we're tackling the bathrooms, well unless open walls and ceilings are the new look. :)


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