Saturday, February 21, 2015

On That Sunday.

The phone rang long before dawn on that Sunday morning and I knew she was gone. I stood shaking in the hallway as Kelli explained the circumstances. A death we had long prepared for, was as sudden and tragic as if she had never been ill.

Grief our new Gethsemane, was a far more difficult journey than one we walked with the illness that ravaged her mind and body. So much left unsaid, unresolved and not forgiven. Would peace ever come again?

Exactly eleven years of Sundays now, and still grief and sorrow come sometimes. But mostly there is peace. The peace is in the acceptance that we will know the answers to why, someday....that one day we will know our Mom as our Savour does, free from the strife of this world. That that day we will know of her love as we know of our Savour's love now. That will be a beautiful day. 

You taught me compassion and courage.

Until we meet again, I love you Mom.


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