Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Piece of {ME}AT

When you're the only brother and the baby, you have to gain some wicked quick sarcasm skills in order to avoid being PECKED to death by your four older mothers, I mean sisters....

Dallyn miraculously holds his own....

Dallyn rounds the corner of the dining room, surprised to see Holly, "Oh my gosh! I thought I SMELLED, short! Dallyn, finally a few inches taller than his oldest sister, rubs it in at ever opportunity.

A few minutes later Dallyn's rambling on about something and realizes Holly's staring blankly not listening at all, stops mind ramble....

"I'm not a piece of MEAT Holly! My EYES are up here!!!

I'm raising a bunch of Hooligans, but at least they're funny. 


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