Friday, January 15, 2016

Another Slow Motion Miracle

I sat holding Superman's hand as tears roll down both our cheeks, the minutes tick like hours, in the moments  before we leave for a much needed doctors appointment.

December, probably our roughest yet, but we had little recourse until after the holidays....

We needed help, but the fear and worry were overwhelming as we wondered what that help might look like, the price we may have to pay. 

I had prayed and prayed in the days leading up to Grant's appointment and a few very close to us, had fasted with me for him. But in those moments leading up to that appointment tears, were the only words spoken...

So many tries...side effects or no affect or risk too effective treatment took years to find {a slow motion miracle} the last go around, so now what?

Difficult honesty. But our honesty met with expertise and compassion....

An additional diagnosis.  {mental illnesses can actually co-exist, oh the things we learn...}

"You'll know quickly whether this is going to work or not."

We walk out reassured that we are back on the road, but unsure how quickly we will find a treatment that will work.

We spent dinner Monday reading the four pages of side effects and information {so romantic} of an additional medication and wondered...

Hopeful, but prepared for another slow motion miracle.

But no side effects have come, each day a little calmer than before. This is a first. 

Not sure at what point you can call something a miracle, but I'm calling it...

The battle will come again, that is the nature of Supermans illness, but we'll gratefully take each good day as the come. Thankful for each miracle and each miracle-worker in our lives.


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