Saturday, January 23, 2016

Your Religion.

It actually surprised me when one of my kids came home in tears....

In a place where it is considered inappropriate to discuss such things, a near stranger, took a few uneducated pot-shots  at said offspring's being Momorn and then said.... 

"Oh don't worry I don't hate you, but I DESPISE your religion..." 

....well alrighty then...

It had been quickly and appropriately handled by the powers that be, hours before...but my kid was still deeply wounded by the surprising exchange.

We live in a place where there are very few LDS families and most people here only have a vague understanding of what it means to be Mormon. But I personally have never been met with anything but kindness and genuine curiosity when someone discovers we are Mormon. Even the one time a doctor asking if we drank or smoked and then asking how many kids we had said "What are you, Mormon??? Followed by "but only the one wife kind, right?!", that was hilarious...but no one has ever been unkind, ever.

So I was surprised as my kid related their experience, through tears. Despise is such a strong word, I can't think of ever despising anything in life, unless you count Brussels sprouts  when I was four.

My kid actually expressed sorrow and pity for this near stranger, after they were through the hurt and annoyance. 

I guess you just pray for them and move on...yup.

Kindness, you can never go wrong with kindness.

Truth is I still despise Brussels sprouts. ;)



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