Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A House Fell On Us (TWICE)

I think I know what the Wicked Witch felt like in the Wizard of OZ, When the house fell on her.... We have the weight of Dad's house on our shoulders right now....I saw the pictures again yesterday and I just cried. I looked again this morning and I got in the shower and cried....
I don't know what to think....
This is the SECOND house Kelli and I will clean out. Mom's eight years ago and now Dad's.
Honestly, it's hard to see beyond this legacy and that my parents were not THIS.
THIS is what their mental illness and their dementia did to their houses.
Mom's house was way, WAY worse.
So I know that we will conquer this.
We have 5 days and I believe in miracles.
But it's hard not to feel like the Wicked Witch right now.

This used to be a well manicured yard with a patio, lawn and play house...(believe the landscaper has removed some of the piles, but we are prepared to get dirty)


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