Monday, September 10, 2012


The stick figure family means I have accomplished all my maternal goals and my life nothing but bliss as I dance around in my skirt and aporon...making things out of nutella and mason jars....Yeah,RIGHT?!?!
The back to school adjustment this year has felt more chaotic and crazy than usual...I really don't get it, they are a year older {maturity?} and we have 4, instead 5 public school students (that's less right?). It should be easier???
They are just louder and more opinionated....and bedtime, well with all teenagers, it's apparently just a suggestion =/. Some mornings I feel like I've run a marathon before I even watch The View. I feel like I've just been a referee last week, sending them to their perspective corners....So the louder you yell, stomp up the stairs or slam the door, the righter you are. (Teenage (ill) Logic)
Seminary started this morning, dark and early and it is a lifesaver honestly....It splits up my brood...the older ones are out of the house before the younger ones get up AND and, it makes my angels dead tired and asleep before 9 pm.
I'm hoping things settle as we get used to a routine (maybe)....
And just in case you think we have the perfect life....This is my house, this morning AFTER the kids SAID they "cleaned up"...
They SWITCHED the laundry (stopped the dryer, pulled out their still damp jeans and walk away, to them the dryer door only opens)

They DID the dishes (if I cram all the dirty dishes in the sink and stack the pans, they will magically do themselves)
They CLEANED the bathroom (just shoving all the laundry in the overflowing hamper and jamming the lid shut, yup it's clean).
No they have never understood the definition of "MOM CLEAN"
The mess is now waiting for them to walk through the door :).... 
Gotta love my BLISSFUL life.


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