Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Carpool Geniuses

So the Superman and I had the pure pleasure of driving the rug rats across town to school this morning...The usual 10 minute drive is now more than  20 minutes  (what happens when you shut the 5th St Bridge down). So we had an extra ten minutes to reaffirm why I could never home school. Between Grant or I telling them to stop touching each other, put back on their seat belt and telling Dallyn that his band instrument has to actually leave the band room if he wants me to sign his practise sheets... Here are just a handful of the comments/discussions we had the pleasure of over hearing...

"I'm not getting married "til I'm eighty-five, Cause then I never have to buy my wife tampons"

"If the van has stow and go (we are renting a Dodge Caravan to take to California) where did all the parts of the car go??"

My little genius changing every swear word they know by one letter....Trying to explain that changing one letter on a swear word, is still swearing..."So I can say the real thing?!?" Yup my point exactly (eye roll)

A mind numbing discussion between Madison and Dallyn on how to do the least amount possible in school, with the easiest classes and still graduate followed by Dallyn saying "So if I just take shop over and over again , I'll still graduate?!? Yup just geniuses.

So when the Superman say "GET OUT!!!", in unison, in the parking lot. What we really mean is: "We'll miss you! We love you. Have a wonderful day, darlings!"


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