Friday, September 21, 2012

Talking Too Much

I got told this week that I'm way too open...And this person doesn't even read this blog or follow me on Facebook. Gosh they don't know nothing. "You talk about stuff I would never..." All righty then....

I make absolutely no apologies here. I am who I am. My life is my life. What you see is what you get....

I grew up in a Capital D dysfunctional home, my mom was mentally ill, and there were times we ate popcorn for dinner 'cause 9 year olds aren't really good at cooking....And we weren't aloud to talk about it.

I had/have mild cerebral palsy spent most of my childhood in some combination of casts, therapies, and or orthodic devices  The fact that I took the short bus and peed my pants(often) made nothing obvious at all..But most of all we were never aloud to talk about it.

When mom was finally diagnosed, when I was 21. Nobody knew she was bi polar. It was an a private nightmare we weren't allowed to talk about, ever.

When my Superman dealt with addiction and mental illness, I was too scared and embarrassed to talk about it, reactions from some made me become even more silent.

When I dealt with post pardom, I was so afraid of being labeled a bad mother so I said little, if not nothing...

Nobody knew...

Then Mom died and my heart couldn't bare the burden in silence anymore. We had recently returned to Port, and I was in a safe place surrounded by friends who just listened and loved. Talking was the start of healing and the thing I realized most was...I was not the only one. Other people had dysfunctional homes, mentally ill loved ones and struggling spouses...

There was courage, strength and hope for me and my family, I had examples all around me.

Then this last year the rug was pulled out from under us...Illness, tragedy, death, moving, teenagers...But this time I was never silent. I needed help and support and prayers and most  of all I needed to know where people around us stood. My attitude quickly became, show empathy and understanding or just shut your mouth and get out of my way. I mean that in a nice way.

Don't worry I do have limits I will not talk about politics, foot ball, NY  fashion or breastfeeding :) how much the Superman snores...

What I want people to know is that real people with real lives can still be happy, funny and moving foreword...And I do it by never shuting up :)


  1. awesome!! well said Robin. We love you and Grant for exactly who you are.....keep give me courage and hope everyday!

  2. I think it is good to talk Robin it is only then do we find out we are not alone
    thinking of you

  3. I agree, it is so important (and therapeutic) to share. I hope things are ok with your trip. Thinking of you.