Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not Neighbourly RANT

***Warning: so I might swear, once maybe twice in this post. Don't read  my blog if you're perfect, I wouldn't want to corupt you :) ****

It's a good thing Kelli is on the front line with all of my Dad's affairs....She is much more diplomatic than I, but today she got an email from one of my Dad's new neighbours that actually chapped her hide.... It just p****** me off. (Kelli's has more heavenly qualities, there's a shocker)

Reason # 5879 I would NEVER live in Orange County again.

Facts: We are headed to California in two weeks to clean out our fathers home and prepare it for sale. My parents bought the home, brand new well over 40 years ago. Both or one or the other have lived there ever since. My sister sent emails to all the neighbours on the Cul-de-sac (Dad's house is at the very end). Explaining that the first week of Oct there would be dumpsters, a moving truck and activity at the house.... 'cause she's courteous that way

Since Dad's passing we have paid much to clean up the yard, deal with pest control, allowed neighbours to park in the drive way and use Dad's garbage bins....All of the neighbours have been very kind and accommodating....Until....

The NEW next door neighbour , today.....

I guess , This neighbour moved in less than a year ago......

I am your dad's next door neighbor.
First, I am so sorry for your loss.

It's nice to hear upcoming process for cleaning your dad's home from you.

It sounds good.

Another my big concern is about the pine trees in your dad's front and back yard.

There are always many pine leaves in my yard.

Even though my family clean these almost every day, my yard doesn't look clean.

A lot of leaves are on my roof, too. And, my other neighbor said it may cause some problems like

leaking in my roof so I worry about this.

Also, my main sewer line backed up one month ago and I found clogged roots in the sewer line.

My husband called a repair man and cleared the roots in my sewer line.

I think the roots probably were from the pine trees because there is no trees around my house.

I hope you have any plan to deal with these pine trees.

Thank you."

First please don't say "Sorry For Your Loss", in the same email you bitch about pine needles....{Those words, in that context only add to our pain and frankly piss me off}

Second, Unless you are legally blind and/ or your realtor has magical powers. Those fifty year old pine trees and the 100's of other mature trees surrounding the neighbourhood were completely visible at the time of your purchase....(Our Dad has spent $20,000 in the last five years to care for those trees) And maybe I've lived on the "Island" to long....But if I wanted to remove healthy 50 year old trees, I would end up on the evening news and receive hate mail....If you don't like pine trees, Why did buy a house in a neighbour hood full of them???

Third, If you don't want to deal with fifty year old sewer lines, Don't buy a FIFTY YEAR OLD house, just saying....

Fourth, I have 100 foot fir trees in my back yard. Two of them, we even had a wind storm last night, The trees dropped branches and pine cones all over the ground (its a gravity, science thing). Funny,  not one of my five or so neighbours called to complain. CAUSE that's what trees do. So glad I live in a beautiful rain forest. Were people like trees.

That's what my response would have been. See that's why Kelli's in charge.

I just want this house part to be over, do you blame me????


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  1. She's probably a Democrat. I'm with you....tell her to call somebody that cares, tell her to call Obama, he seems to be the champion for everything from birth control pills to the rising of the tides...its probably global warming the caused the roots to go wild!
    Good luck kiddo!