Sunday, September 9, 2012

Church Mice

So I'm kinda a ( sewing) nerd....
After church and my {much deserved} nap coma. I was surfing primary music blogs....Yes, there are even more laminating obsessed people out there, they're worse than me me.....
 I saw the idea for Church Mice a few weeks ago, but could find the post again. They are about the size of  shoe box and are really heavy....Their purpose is to remind kids who have a hard time with the wiggles, to sit still and be quiet...I have no idea if they will work, but I thought they were adorable...
So instead of doing anything really productive, I made my own pattern by cutting a large triangle, and used a large cup to make the ears, there are made out of denim scraps, so they will be durable. Each has a long rick-rack tail
I filled them with about 3 lbs of rice each and add stuffing on top.

They were simple and took about half an hour each. if they don't work...they'll make great door stops :)
Spider Alert:

Oh and meet our spider friend the rug rats found behind the deep freeze last night....lets just say more than one of them screams like a girl :)


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