Monday, July 28, 2014

Sister Kramer: Hope

It's been so crazy, I'm just glad that I remembered to email the missionary :) And that the wifi that blanked out last night, decided to start working again :)

Bailey is doing great! And that is all I need to know. :)

your going to have to send me pictures of the new house. i am glad that everything is going smoothy for you guys to move in. i got the cards that everyone signed :) my new companion is sister m, yes she is from Utah lol she is a softball player her and i get along great!

the favourite thing i learned was about Hope  that when it come to the language of the gospel Hope is unwavering, sure, and active. the prophet teach about having a firm hope or a living hope. People that have a faith in God and  Christ hope for a better world because they the know is can happen. to hope is to know something can happen because of your faith.

The Chapel is the same size as the one at home. the ward is amazing here there are only about 60-80 members that come each sunday everyone is so friendly and inviting i feel at home in this ward.

i get my groceries at super store....each missionary has a visa that the mission office puts $$$ on every month plus a extra $$ because NFLD is so expensive.

my companion and i are good we dont need anything :)

i love you guys so much thanks for everything! 



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