Sunday, July 6, 2014

Really Kramers?

My Sunday morning rules are simple:
Clean, modest clothes.
No food.
No sleeping.
No cell phones.
No hitting. (Yes my teens still need this rule)

Sacrament meeting should be a piece of cake...

I looked up, as Dallyn started to pass the sacrament on the stand....

{Horrified Mom Moment}

Dallyn's white shirt was more wrinkled, than a 93 year old sunbather....seriously he has one job, Sunday I wouldn't notice...who raised this boy! sigh

Testimony meeting hadn't even started, when I here the distinctive crunch, I look up...Madison is, neck deep into a Kit Kat bar...Really Maddie, it's fast Sunday?....Really? She mumbles,  I  missed breakfast!?!?....ummm yeah that's the point...she scarfs it down before I can confiscate...sigh

Five minutes in and I realize the teenagers are no longer awake, picking my least they're reverent, right? All good, until I hear Dallyn snicker at an inappropriate time, and I realize every, single one of my geniuses, aren't sleeping, but on their cellular devices....there is a silent tug o war and I hand superman three cell phones...sigh.

Then they really did fall asleep.

Well at least no one hit each other. 1 for 4. Way to go Kramers!

Sundays are my favourite! Really they are.


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