Monday, July 21, 2014

Sister Kramer: Missing Her

So we're back to the short emails :)... I guess after our family vacation, I'm really miss her. I really miss knowing the details of Bailey's life, but know that's part of being a missionary's mom... Glad she gets to stay in NFLD a little while longer and hope she and her new companion have as much fun as she and Sister H did. :)

so in the mission there are transfers every 6 weeks so there is always a chance that you will be moved so that was two weeks ago so my companion an i didnt get moved so we were safe for another 6 weeks to serve together but on saturday we got a call from the mission president saying that he had to do an mid-transfer and that my companion would be leaving in two days and i would be getting a new one! so i am not even done my training and i am the head missionary in my area and my new companion has only been out 6 weeks longer then me! not going to lie i am stressed out right now the last two days have been so crazy with trying to get sister h packed and ready to fly out. 
i am happy that your travels went so well and that disney land was fun.
sorry that i dont have much time to email there is so much to do today.
love you guys so much

sister kramer 


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