Sunday, July 20, 2014

Endless Disneyland

{not bad for an iPhone shot! thanks Holly}

Mom, why can't real life be like DISNEYLAND all the time!?!?

It was our first evening in the park, and we were in the middle of thousands of other people, watching the fireworks over Sleeping Beauty's castle...the spectacle far surpasses the 1980's version I remember.

We had had a wonderful day and happy hearts prevailed and the show of lights, music and the flying Tinkerbell and Dumbo really was magical.

The question had sincerity and it started me thinking...through all the fun, the classic getting stuck on Splash Moutain, the getting hit by an old guy on a scooter, the FREAK-OUT on Mickey's Ferriswheel and the endless churros...I was thinking.

So why can't life be like Disneyland ALL the time? You know, happy, fun, magical...'s not intended to be....

 We were given this life to learn and grow and experience...not just the joys but the sorrows too...
I will never welcome the sorrows...ever...but the one thing, the couple of decades longer, I've spent on this earth, than my questioning child, has taught me, is this...

Struggle is a masterful teacher. I will never be grateful for losing my parents, long before their deaths, or watching the affects of illness on my sweetheart but I am grateful for the lessons learned and the outpouring of love and understanding I have felt, through that struggle.

Patience, courage, humour...all refined through struggle.

Of course there are wonderful happy, fun magical moments in this life. Moments we are certain, we know what heaven feels like. So why can't it always feel like that magical?

Because now is the time learn... And that is something you will learn.


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