Monday, July 7, 2014

Sister Kramer: A Stormy Week

Today's email was lengthy, by Bailey's standards anyways :)....

It's edited down quite a bit.

this week has been rough not going to lie every lesson that we had planed for about three days fell through and {Bailey shared other struggles that I edited for privacy}..but other then that the work is going great we were able to find three new investigators witch was really cool...., is crazy to think  that i have been out for two mouths now the time has gone by way to fast..... i am more then happy to be a missionary there is nothing else that i want to be done i love serving the Lord and being his tool in bring many people to a knowledge of the gospel it is amazing to see the light of Christ enter into people and be able to say that you helped with that! i love the Lord and i will serve him with all my heart might mind and strength for my whole mission and after! 
we did have alot of heavy winds and some rain {ruminants of Hurricane Arthur} but it mostly missed us so we are safe......

i love you guys be good and Godspeed 
Sister kramer

It's amazing to watch Bailey's testimony grow! We love our missionary.


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