Sunday, March 1, 2015

We Found a Place

We travel a lot for Church. Superman's stake callings take him Ward/branch conferences and speaking assignments several times a year and I'm usually a shameless tag along. Our stake boundaries are huge (159 km to the south of us and 254 km to the north, a hour and a half ferry ride to the east and 100 km to the west) 

We used to live in a place where, stake travel meant a few extra blocks to the stake centre....

Now it requires a full tank of gas, a sandwich or two and an extensive inspirational play list, with a few 80's rock ballads thrown in :) 

On a Saturday night recently, after a very long weekend, Superman wasn't  sure he could do another early morning, but after much guilt, I mean encouragement, from me, he said we would go...

But that Sunday he woke up, miserable and cranky...But after even more "encouragement"...Superman got ready just in time to make it down Island. Even with hymns playing in the background I knew he was rather annoyed with his persistently obnoxious eternal companion. ;). Luckily he had several kilometres to forgive me.

We walk in the chapel with just a few minutes to spare and don't notice the Stake President until he is sitting next to Grant on the pew. 

"Grant would you be willing to take a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting and bear your testimony?" 

Grant says yes and I burst out laughing (it's ok our SP has known us well for a long time). 

"A little payback for being cranky, eh sweetie?" 

Grant has a great love for the gospel and an intimate understanding of our Heavenly Father's love and compassion for each one of us. His testimony transcends his afflictions and it was wonderful to be reminded of that....

Later that day a Relief Society sister shared this...

She told of a time when having family prayer had caused great contention with another family member, to the point it was not appropriate to have it in her home. When her children asked what they would do she said with no anger or bitterness..... "that's ok, we will just find another place" and she took her kids to a small grove of trees on her property to pray each morning.

"We'll just find another place (or way)" I've thought much about that. How so many times we've met great challenges but found away to continue to live with our testimonies intact and a courage to keep moving forward. How even with Grants great struggles with mental health, HF has given him opportunities to serve where he is loved, respected and helped. That HF knows our struggles and will always help us find a place.

These Sundays are such a blessing to our lives.


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