Thursday, April 16, 2015

And, I'm Sorry.

We ALL sat at the dinner table on Monday (it's a Kramer miracle) and in the middle of a slightly inappropriate conversation about jokes heard in gym class...

One of them says, "Oh my gosh Dad, you sure yelled a lot last week!!!"

"Yeah, you're probably right. " Superman says mid bite...."And I'm sorry"

So was it your bipolar or what, Dad ???

"Yes I was really sick last week and I'm sorry you guys witnessed that."

"It's ok Dad, we still love you....even when you're crazy" Alex adds, with almost sincerity.

And then they were back to the regular Kramer dinner banter.....

Dallyn: "You guys must be the proudest parents ever, your oldest works at McDonald's, and y'all know I'm planning a career in the comedic arts...."

And thus began the lecture on doing your best work, wherever you work and that Dallyn was not allowed to live in our basement past 21 :)

The kids were right, though, last week was so hard. Things can be well one minute and then the bottom can fall out with little warning.

It's a very humbling thing to have to put the pieces back together, when some clarity returns, but Superman does it willingly. It takes time and rest for him to stand on firm ground again but he finds the courage to climb that mountain, again and again, we all do.

Grateful for a calmer week, funny kids and the trust we have in Heavenly Father's plan for our funny little family. :)


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