Monday, April 13, 2015

Sister Kramer: Dear Dad

So Grant writes our missionary this week and gets a novel  in reply :)...  

I can't believe Dallyn is growing up he can't he is suppose to stay little he is not allowed to get taller then me i am not coming home and having to look up at him! haha

Conference was great i really enjoyed on of my favorite talks was the one that President Uchtdorf gave about grace it is actually something i have studied from most of my mission and i think that it is a hard thing for most people to understand. What i have learned on my mission is that we are saved be the grace of Jesus Christ because there is no other way that we get to heaven other then through his atonement. but i think the thing that people that i have come across on my mission is that they think that as latter day saints we think we have to earn our way to heaven but no we are learning heaven God has given us Celestial laws to live in a telestial world so that we can perpare to meet him But it is only because of the grace and atonement of Jesus Christ that we get the chance to meet God Brad Wilcocks gives an amazing talk on grace it is found in byu speeches. i would look it up

in my Studies this week i was going through the commandments section of preach my gospel and looking for all the blessing that we gain by living the commandments and i was truly amazing to see how much God is willing to bless us and the blessings far out weigh the commitment we will ever make He has to bless us when we are obedient He is bound to do so D&C 82:10.

for discipleship they is a great talk be David A. Bednar called "the cost and burden of discipleship" or you could use the story of where the angel comes to mary and tells her to tell the disciples that christ has come and say like if christ came would someone come and tell you and talk about what make us disciples of christ.

i really do like that that is the youth theme this year because everynight after we are done planning we recite D&C 4.

love you guys take care
Love Sister Kramer  


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