Monday, April 20, 2015

Sister Kramer: Opps Tomatoes

{So grateful for other Missionary Moms who send me pictures}
This week we found out about transfers and i am happy to say that my companion and i are staying in sackville which is super exciting! 

So funny story well kind of! so we had dinner at a members home sunday night and they forgot the my companion is allergic to tomatoes and they were in the salad which the member dished up for us so when they all had their backs turned she throw them on my plates and some of them bounced on to the members plate and they turned around before i could grab them awkward :) haha
alex asked me some pretty good question in her email to me today :)
What has going on a mission taught you about yourself?What habits did your mission help you break?Where would you be today if you didn't go on a mission?
1. My mission has taught me How to have charity for others to show compassion towards all who i met. Truly it has helped me understand that i really am a daughter of my Heavenly Father who loves me and wants the world for. He has given me so many blessings and has so many more in store for me :) my mission has taught me how to be truly happy :)
2. one of the biggest habits my mission has helped me break is procrastination because the time that i spend on my mission is not my time it is the Lords. This is his work and i should be doing all that i can to assist him is it. I am truly on the Lords errand.
3. I am not sure where i would be if i didn't come on a mission i don't think it would be anywhere good maybe in school i really don't know but i do know that i am a far better person because i am severing a mission.

love you guys 
love sister kramer 


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