Sunday, April 5, 2015

Missing that Smirk.

He was funny. Hilariously unpredictable. Sometimes not quite appropriate but genetics had dealt him a fine hand in hilarity. It's called the Merrill whit, all the Merrill boys have it, but both his parents could give any comedian a run for their money, so I think Beena's Peterson side deserves just as much credit. Regardless Dad was funny and that's what I miss the most about him.

When I called to tell him I was having Dallyn, without skipping a beat he quipped "What's next Robin, a school bus?"

Dad almost always had a smirk on his face.....Its been a long three years without that smirk.

But I am grateful that laugh and smirk lives on. Those Merrill-Peterson genes are strong ones,  something that is a blessing and a curse as I raise his equally hilarious grandchildren.

I miss you Dad. Until we meet again.


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