Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I'll Take Them

You know those self absorbed, self centred, selfie obsessed teenagers, well guess what, a lot of the time they're NOT any of those things. Teenagers are awesome and sometimes they do really amazing things.

I was in the middle of cleaning this morning (always remember I clean when I am frustrated :))

 Maddie came home quickly to say hi and drop some stuff off.

Maddie: Hey Mom how come the kids didn't get to seminary this morning?  

Me: Dad wasn't able to take them.  I didn't have to explain the reasons.

Maddie: Well then I'll take them.

(which means a 100 km round trip for her almost every morning and getting up before 6 am)

Me: Maddie I can't ask you to do that,

Maddie: You didn't. I want too.

Me: Why do you care so much about Seminary for your brother and sister?

Maddie: Because Mom, I know how much seminary helped me.....I'll do it until things settle down for Dad, no worries

I hugged her and told her I loved her as she left...

I then sat and let the tears flow.

Sometimes my rotten, ungrateful teenagers answer my prayers. I love that Maddie of mine. Thank you.


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