Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sister Kramer: Talk of Home

{Sometimes knocking is HARD!!!}

Here is my plan for coming home...i would like to have a job before the end of the year hopefully at a bakery like Costco or QF something along those lines and my mission president doesnt want us to apply for jobs on our mission so i was wondering if you and dad could start that around the end of October....then i was hoping around march to take some upgrading classes and a illustration course and then next September to head to Edmonton because they have a good culinary school there. yeah that's my plan

once there was a very wise king and a very young man. One day the king asked the young man to push against a large boulder that was positioned in the middle of the road. the young man was pleased to be asked to such an important task. Determined to move the boulder out of the way he pushed and pushed. the man pushed for days, yet he could not even budge the boulder. soon the king returned to check on the young man's progress. frustrated the young man exclaimed that he could not move the boulder, and he did not know why the king had asked him to such a task. the king smiled and reminded the man that he had not asked him to move the boulder out of the path. he simply asked him to push against the boulder. then he pointed out to the man how strong he had become physically because of his efforts. his arms, back, and legs had developed strong muscles because of all the pushing he had done. the king simply wanted the young man to become stronger so that he would be able to complete more important tasks in the future.

 At times we may not understand why Heavenly Father has asked us to do things that are hard and sometimes we feel that we will never be able to complete what He has asked but God understands who he wants us to become and he simply gives us things to make us stronger for things to come.

Phil: 4: 13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

love you guys
Sister Kramer


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