Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sister Kramer: I'm BACK! (NFLD)


I'M BACK BABY!!! oh it is good to be in newfoundland again...the change was a bit hard because i closed my last area for sister missionaries but i know that the Lord needs me here so i am excited to be back on the rock! things are a bit different on this side of the island but it is good!

My new companion is sister f she is from utah and this is her last transfer! crazy.

these last few week i have been studying about repentance and improvement it started with a letter from my mission president to all the missionaries and he said something in there that really struck me...." we have the power to improve continuously, and are not required in the process to bear the burdens of previous mistakes." i love that; that conversion to this gospel is continuous that we can keep pressing forward with a steadfastness in Christ.... in mosiah 26: 30 it reads yea, and as often as my people repent will i forgive them their trespasses against me."
Christ wants us to improve and he is willing to forgive us no matter how many times we mess up. god has not asked us to come to this life to go through trails and temptations only so that we can carry the guilt of them around for the rest of our are that they might have joy...and true joy comes through repentance and improvement through the support of the atonement! 

love you guys!
Bailey's MTC district, together for the first time since the MTC


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