Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Yearbook Lane.

Every year on or near our birthday, there is a picture posting war of sorts...Except its clearly one sided and strategically unfair since 95 percent of our childhood pictures are in Kelli's possession. And she takes great GLEE in humiliating me to celebrate our entrance into this crazy world...

But I have discovered our yearbooks.... Oh. My. Goodness....

I was going to so make fun of Kelli here...but other than her 2nd Grade "Pioneer Mug Shot" photo, and Grade 8 photos where we were clearly attacked by the poodle perm....I got nothing on her, d#$% it!!!!!
2nd Grade

4th Grade
5th Grade
My trip down yearbook lane, made me laugh some, but it actually made me sad too....Gosh, Elementary school was tough on both of us. We were teased and tormented relentlessly those years and its funny how that's not something you forget... 
Canada was our saving grace, after leaving California we were never teased again by anyone....although those years were clearly my NERDIEST....
Grade 8
Grade 9
Grade 10- OK,What was I thinking???? 
Grade 12
 So I'm sure Kelli will yet again win, this year's war...but I will always have her "Pioneer Mug Shot".... Won't I, Kelli?


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