Sunday, September 27, 2015

Merry-Happy Whatever.

This card came in the mail this week, but it had nothing to do with Christmas.
First it made me laugh out loud and then it made me cry some.
This card was from Kelli and contained a money order, the last few dollars from my Dad's accounts that she was finally able to close...
Kelli's card choice fitting,  as my Dad could never quite match the appropriate holiday with the appropriate card choice.

We'd get Christmas cards for birthdays....(like here Holiday Mix-up) But I think the most hilarious was getting a ridiculously romantic Valentine's Day card, for Mother's Day. At first we thought it was just our silly Dad being eccentric, but sadly that it wasn't that at all. Dad's mind was betraying him.

We have spent the last eleven years settling the earthly affairs of our parents. A constant reminder of their difficult lives and tragic deaths. And now an end has finally come. With  peace and still some sorrow sometimes we continue forward, grateful they were our parents and thankful for the lessons they taught us.

So the card tradition continues in Dad's honour. Weird maybe but when you're a Merrill, a Christmas card, in September is D@#$  funny.


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