Friday, September 18, 2015

Magical Parenting

Have you ever wished one of your off spring would suddenly fall down a flight of stairs???

 If not, then clearly your off spring haven't reached the magical teenage years yet?!?! Lucky you.

Dallyn had been in the door from school for less than 7 minutes and had already methodically dropped his back pack, jacket, shoes and socks individually from the back door to his room upstairs , complained that there were no food (translation: we're out of  pizza pops) and scrapped with his sister over headphones...

My,"Dallyn, please go clean the rec room" was instantly met with an eye-roll-shoulder-shrug-long-sigh worthy of an Oscar nod.

And yup, right then, from my comfy living room chair, I had this undeniable wish that said child would magically fall down the stairs he was standing at the top of.

Okay so he didn't fall...and I'm a bad parent, but as we locked eyes,  he raced down the stairs unsure whether I would pursue... I was too lazy comfortable to move. But I did hear disgruntled house cleaning (you know, dishes clanging, heavy walking and doors slamming) commencing down stairs.

Yay me, for the win. Parenting is my favourite.


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