Monday, September 14, 2015

Sister Kramer: Dandelions

This week was great! we traveled to gander which it 4 hours away and had zone conference which was amazing after we and personal interviews with our mission president which was really good.

in the talk Lord is it I? by detier f uchtdorf. he gives this story. 

A Parable of Dandelions
Once there was a man who enjoyed taking evening walks around his neighbourhood. He particularly looked forward to walking past his neighbours house. This neighbour kept his lawn perfectly manicured, flowers always in bloom, the trees healthy and shady. It was obvious that the neighbour made every effort to have a beautiful lawn.

But one day as the man was walking past his neighbours house, he noticed in the middle of this beautiful lawn a single, enormous, yellow dandelion weed.

It looked so out of place that it surprised him. Why didn't his neighbour pull it out? Couldn't he see it? Didn't he know that the dandelion could cast seeds that could give root to dozens of additional weeds?

This solitary dandelion bothered him beyond description, and he wanted to do something about it. Should he just pluck it out? Or spray it with weed killer? Perhaps if he went under cover of night, he could remove it secretly.

These thoughts totally occupied his mind as he walked toward his own home. He entered his house without even glancing at his own front yard—which was blanketed with hundreds of yellow dandelions.
  He also states in his talk " we must put aside our pride, see beyond our vanity, and in humility ask "lord is it i"
throughout my mission i have loved to study humility and there is a quote that i always turn to i am not sure who it is by
" When we do it our way nothing will ever go permanently right but when we do it Gods way nothing wil ever go permanently wrong."

love you guys
Sister kramer 


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