Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Sad Relief.

For the last decade Kelli and I have jumped through countless hoops...First to unravel and settle mom's earthly affairs following her passing...and then Dad's affairs were added on top of that following his death two years ago....

The last decade has felt like a circus, the last two years, some crazy side show...Kelli mostly jumped, while I was more of a horrified audience member...

As soon as we thought we were almost finished...Act II would suddenly appear...then Act III...IV...V...each issue, problem or concern, even more odd or crazy than the one before. We stumped lawyers and accountants...needed documents and professionals in two countries...I'm still not sure how we managed to navigate the mess without losing our minds. The jury is probably still out on that.  The hardest part...

Realizing the true depth of our parents earthly struggles and accepting the sorrow in the unknown why.  The full understanding and answers won't come for us until heaven... Most days I've accepted that.

So now its finished, the last document received last week...Mom and Dad's earthly affairs are settled.

A sad relief.

I've tried all week to ignore the sadness, but today I am sad. Relieved that the mess is behind us, but the chaos was apart of who they were and so I oddly miss it too...because I miss them.


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