Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sister Kramer: Safe and Sound

Feeling blessed this morning....
The missionaries in St. John's have a Facebook page and I love to see Bailey's smiling face.

We went to bed last night praying for those in Moncton, New Brunswick { 3 Mounties were killed and two more wounded, and the search for the gunman continues}...
Bailey is far away from Moncton, but Moncton is in the Canada Halifax Mission boundaries. 

When I checked our email this morning, there was this...

Emergency Letter

Dear Brother & Sister Kramer,

Just a quick note to let you know that there has been a number of shootings in one of the cities in our mission. It is in New Brunswick, a city named Moncton. A deranged man in comoflage carring a rifle has shot and killed three police officers and has wounded two others. Residents of the city of about 100,000 people have been asked to stay indoors until further notice.

We have been in contact with the six missionaires in that area and they are all safe and in thier apartments. The police feel that they have the area locked down where the person is located and are using all of their resources to locate him.

I will send you a note when more information is availabe and this matter is resolved.

This is a very rare and isolated incident and we are not concerned for other missionaries within the mission.

Best regards,

Mission PresidentCanada Halifax Mission

While we knew Bailey was unaffected by this incident, I wondered about and prayed for those missionaries serving in the area...grateful that they are safe

I am humbled by the those who take such good care of our missionaries in the field. Bailey's mission president and his wife are simply the best. Thank you.

Praying for Moncton. 


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