Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Modesty Mishap

Um so yeah....
A usually compliant daughter of mine was caught " MINI-SKIRT-ED " at school a few days back...I'd consider said skirt more of a belt really...

Ahhh, the old bait and switch, leave the house "preppy collage kid", morph into " Centerstage rocker" at school...oldest trick in the book! Except when I did it, I didn't have sisters with cell phones :)

Modesty matters to me, it's a standard I expect my kids to abid by, while I am required to feed, shelter and clothe them. The rules have never changed. It's not about being strict, it's a about teaching them respect for themselves and others.

So sometimes you have to be a little creative when it comes to parenting...

They're creative and so am I....

Since you seem to be having a little trouble in the "choosing appropriate attire" department, I will choose for you...

The dress I was married in, happens to fit Alex perfectly. (circa 1993)

"But mom! It has shoulder pads!!!"

Ah yes, but it also has an appropriate hemline!!!

You have to wear it in public Alex... School or Church...it's your choice.

Once she realized I was dead serious...Church it is. For some reason, I'm now looking forward to Sunday. :)

Parenting is so FUN!


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