Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sister Kramer: Worth the Wait

I was really sad when we didn't receive an email from Bailey yesterday....
But I guess she was in a Zone Conference with a General Authority, so I guess she gets a pass this time ;)
Just happy to hear from her today :)
Last week's questions:
What is St. John's like?

Is it a ward or branch?

How many members?

Are there many youth/ primary?

Did you see any icebergs?
Awesomest moment this week?

Hardest/ craziest/ weirdest moment this week?
This week's answers:
Hi! thank you for sending that stuff. i am glad to hear that madison graduated from seminary! Movers really? dont you have kids that can help you?
St. Johns is alot like Victoria with all the tight roads and uptown hippy feel. it feels like home here. the people are super friendly when you can understand them.
It is a Branch here we actually just got a new branch President Pres. J. we have about 70 to 80 members every Sunday
there are 5 youth that come, two deacons and 3 young woman (my companion and i are the YM leaders right now) and there are about 12 kids in primary
i have seen a few but only while driving we havent had the time to go and see them yet there has been tomuch fog.
yesterday Elder Snow of the Seventy came to our Zone conference and did some training with us it was really cool.
We go out and try to find the less actives because there are about 200 in our area but the weird thing is that we have not talk to a signal one of them but we knock on their neighbors door and most who have answered have been inerested.

i love you guys so much 
love Bailey 
So glad it feels like home :) 


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