Saturday, June 21, 2014

Riding Out Rain

We left Nanaimo the other night on dry roads. It started sprinkling at the Parksville exit, at  the Qualicum Beach turn off (5 minutes later) we hit a wall of water, and discovered our van has this fancy feature that shuts off cruise control of the second you start hydroplaning... {thank heavens}
I've never seen it rain harder. (not even kidding)
Superman instantly slowed to a crawl, as the torrents came down and I tried to keep my pseudo-swearing to a minimum ;)
Then as quick as the monsoon came, it was over ...And we were scrambling to find sun glasses...

 Crazy Island weather...kinda matches our crazy life...
Unpredictable, never sure how long the rain or sun will last. Always trying to be prepared for both... I guess, as long as we manage to stay on the road home, it will all be alright...eventually. :)


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