Saturday, June 14, 2014

We Believe in Meetings :)

I  almost didn't go...

We walked in the door from Nanaimo, minutes before the broadcast started and I didn't have the energy to change out of my jeans or grab anything for dinner...

Duty won out...

So I showed up donning denim, my phone and a handful of candy and slouched in the nearest pew...

"Man, Robin, you sure look tired..." "Yup"

There was a momentary issue with the technology...Then the feed from the Langley Chapel (Vancouver), was on the screen....

There was a member from General Relief Society presidency, General Primary presidency and General Young Women presidency visiting to provide local training and all woman were invited to attend the broadcast last night....

I was exhausted, but my heart was immediately touched as each of these women shared their testimonies...

There was such a strong spirit, throughout the entire broadcast...It surprised me some and I was so grateful to just sit and feel of that love. Exactly what my tired soul needed, a reminder of how much our Heavenly Father loves us...and knows exactly what I need...

My notes: (mostly for my benefit)
Sister Stevens:
When we know we are HIS daughters our lives change.
Put your hand in HIS
Sister Marriot:
(loved her and her southern accent!!! )
find a private place
kneel- when the body is humble, so is the mind
testify of HIM
pour out your sorry mess :)
there is strength in being heard and feeling beloved
Scripture Study-
every single day
consistency has power
D&C 6:36:  Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.
every Sunday
Dead level best to stay focused on HIM :)
Repent of wrong doings and then ask...
Heavenly Father is there more???
ask Heavenly Father to put someone you can help in your path...
will bring you power
not easy, but it is right.
Sister Stephens:
each daughter will return, love them back into the gospel
perfection is pending :)
we know who wins in the end.
when we feel the pure love of Christ, we know what it feels like to be in His presence.
Elder Christensen
there will always be too much to do, and that is by divine design....our choices show who we are.
do not fear for your children, we have been promised they will returned

Just so glad I went to another broadcast. :)


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