Friday, January 23, 2015

A Handshake, Times Two.

It was the simplest gesture really , but it hasn't left my mind since...a handshake, a hug and and an I love you, times two.

We had the new missionaries over for dinner, along with dear friends...

A meal for twelve,  that involved spaghetti and salad and six teenagers and not one Kramer or Avery  started a food fight. I know, impressive :) 

Even Madison showed up and kept the shenanigans to a minimum (maybe she was really I tune with the spirit  or sedated?) 

They listened to the Elders quick message giving  the classic pray, read your scriptures and Jesus answers , when asked...whatever nobody said anything inappropriate (it's a Kramer miracle)...

The Elders stood to say goodbye...we stood to shake their hands...then they got to our dear friend....
Our friend got a handshake, a hug and an I love you from each Elder. Something not too common among  young men.

{Our friend  would be out serving a mission along side these Elders, but his mission these last three years has been to recover from an injury that nearly took his life and is one awesome young man}

The elders acted not from pity or sorrow or obligation, but from a place of camaraderie, friendship and love.

It was such a privileged to witness a tender moment among these three amazing young men. I couldn't help but think, of the stripling warriors and the phrase "they have been taught by their mothers". all three Mommas, your boys have done you proud! 


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