Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Photo Snooper.

Alex started digging through all the old photos in the filing cabinet...
She found a bunch of those little wallet school pics, you know the ones we gave to all our friends, when we went to High School in the stone age, before Istagram and Snapchat... Yes those little gems that we wrote ridiculously corny things back of, that we probably wouldn't want our teenage daughter reading...Yeah those...she found all of them...AWKWARD.
After reading several in her best romantic rendition, I told her to SERIOUSLY, not. another. word. ....
I was then interrogated with some pretty fantastic questions...
So how come Dad had WAY more girlfriends than you had boyfriends???
So like did you guys REALLY think you were popular??
With THAT hair, I doubt it?!?!
Man those teenage daughters sure know how to keep your ego in check, don't they. :)
Alex then found the next two pictures....
This one, from one of my favourite days ever. The day we were sealed as a family. We had worked so hard to get there and it was so worth it.
And then this one...Its SIX years later.....Multiply and replenish the earth, CHECK. 
I took at the picture from the day we were sealed and I realize we were blissfully unaware of the mountains that lay ahead....
I look at the picture of me at twenty five, with five kids. Man oh man, how am I even sane standing. I was really just a bouncer, counting down the hours till bedtime and trying not to be eaten by the mountain of laundry...
And yet we have made it here, fifteen more years down that road...
How'd we do it...
Curse Words
Naps, lots of naps
The only thing I'd change...
I'd burn those little wallet size pictures of our high school years :)


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