Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pop Tarts and Testimonies

So the last time I took snacks or toys to church for my kids was the Sunday in Raymond,  Bailey and Holly got in a fist fight over the Fruitloops, neither kid could have been more than five....nothing like handing the baby off and dragging two toddlers out still swinging at each other.

So snacks and toys have been banned for nearly a decade and a half....

But that has never stopped the rugrats from trying to sneak contraband in to Sacrament meeting like inmates at Alcatraz....

Today's hall...PopTarts.
And they were about as subtle as a freight train about it too.

Sacrament was barely over and I hear the crinkle, pop, of the wrappers, times three...


I'm surprised it wasn't bowls, a box of cereal and the gallon milk...heck if the pew was anywhere near an outlet, they'd a brought the toaster...

Ready to confiscate said Pop Tarts, I realize my hands are already full of confiscated cell phones (cause my rugs rats LOVE to follow rules) and give up. I had already used up my publicly parenting skills like three sacrament meetings ago. And they knew it as they smugly ate their cookies and cream confections.

At least they're in the building.

And you know it wasn't that long ago I was that pop tart eating teenager...only it wasn't pop tarts...but it was popping skittles, while playing mean game of "testimony bingo" (it's exactly as it sounds, and when you get Bingo you have to get up and bear your testimony and work the word Bingo into it)

See I was just as obnoxious as my Pop Tart eating teenagers and somewhere between testimony bingo and adulthood I actually gained a testimony. A pretty solid one, mostly because I was loved in spite of my obnoxiousness.

So I hope that somewhere between pop tarts and confiscated cell phones they will realize whose the are and how much their Heavenly Father loves them, just like I did. :) 


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