Sunday, January 4, 2015

No Way, Jose.

December started with grand intentions....
Elf on the shelf , which my kids appreciate with all the fervour of fruitcake...
Random acts of kindness...
I planned on doing it all. It's tradition, you know and us Kramers fake, I mean LOVE Christmas, well.

Then came a surprise trip, with my favourite super hero, to the doctor (those are my favourite) ...
Followed by a few wonky weeks (also my favourite) and all my grand intentions fell by the way side.

Priorities people.

Yup and not one person noticed.

Jose didn't move for two weeks...

The only random act of kindness that happened, was when I hiked over the mountain of dirty clothes in Alex's room, to shut her window (it's winter out child) and instead of screaming at her to "clean her disgusting room" , I simply shut her door. Yup that's kindness right there.

And all the jars of cinnamon rock candy, for the neighbours and church people and such are still sitting on my counter. Because I totally rock! Any body still want candy?

And you know what? Christmas still happened. 
(also surprising, but we know understand the right definition of "surprise " right, sweetie? )

And Christmas was great.

 So I've learned, not everything has to happen every year, tradition or not. 

And I have to say, the whole elf on the shelf thing is STUPID, LAME and CREEPY, sorry Jose...but I'm sure we'll see him next year. Aren't you excited kids? I sure am. :)


  1. Totally get it! *hugs to you and yours!

  2. Your posts make me smile and feel good, thank you for sharing!!

  3. Your elf on the shelf is my favorite!