Monday, January 5, 2015

Sister Kramer: Our future is bright.


we didnt do anything for new years 
winter finally came it has been -13 most days and snowing like crazy but we still go to play street hockey which was great :)

something that stood out to me this week is the scriptures in luke 17:32 "remember Lots wife"
in Genesis 19 it give the story of Lots wife. 
they are commanded to leave sodom and gomorrah before it is destroyed with strict instructions,          "Look not behind thee",  but what does Lots wife do? she looks behind her and is turned into a pillar of salt. why did she look behind her? did she already miss what sodom and gomorrah had to offer her ?did she want to go back even though the cities were being destroyed? or was she not thinking that her future held more promise then the past. did she not trust that the Lord would bless her is she listened to him?
it made me think of the new year, how we make goals and new years resolutions to make this year better the the last. so for me this year my goal is to "look not behind thee" to trust in the Lord. that as long as i follow him in all that i do he will make my future bright :)

love you all
sister kramer  



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  1. She looks Beautiful!! Seriously radiant. It was fun to see her with Sister Curtis too, my daughter trained Sister Curtis. It is awesome to see any and all of those faithful daughters of God!