Monday, June 13, 2011

Alex My Little Padawan

The day our Alex turned twelve our sweet darling baby girl, turned into a character from the Disney Channel...At least once a day her siblings are begging me to tell her to Knock. It. Off.

Here is just a sample of the 3 minutes as we tried desperately tried to find everybody for family prayer....

"you have nice earlobes, maddie"
 "the dog will now be called  ta-TA",
" have you read Harry Potter, lately" (spot on British accent),
sang the jelly bean song,
danced around like an ostrich-flamingo-bird thing,
 told a [un-type-able] dirty joke,
randomly squawked like a pterodactyl

Dallyn "Can't you shoot her with a maturity dart or something?"

Holly: "You should have caged her the day before she turned twelve, you know!"

Grant begged her to stop. "Can't we be reverent for three minutes!"

Me: I was laughing so hard I couldn't see or talk.

Somehow we made it through family prayer.

There are moments that Alex drives me nuts. But she is funny, joyful and a breath of fresh air. Knowing her antics won't last forever I will egg-her-on enjoy this stage as long as possible. Alex I love you, my little padawan


  1. oh to be a fly on the wall at the Kramer house!

  2. i was just thinking the same thing!! Love you guys!