Saturday, June 4, 2011

Family "Fun" Time

Today, on the spur of the moment, we decided to take two of our teen aged trouble makers for a little "family fun time" (my words not theirs). Lets just say its been a challenging week in the parenting teens department. My superman and I thought some one on one time, in an inescapable moving car would do them some good.

We headed down Island with intentions of stopping in Parksville...45 minutes to lecture talk to them, perfect! A stop at Timmy's and a brief fight over control of the ipod (Holly knows Grant's a softy for Lady Gaga, that's just between you and me) and  by the time we got out of town the intended lecture, had been all but forgotten....instead we rocked out to Lady Gaga....

We pulled off at Deep Bay since none of us had ever been down there and discovered a beautiful little oasis, seriously so pretty. As we were driving around I made the comment "When I grow up I want a house with a view like this!" To which trouble maker #1 replied "When I grow up I want to live in Italy next to a vineyard owned by a hot guy!" (my daughter did not just say that)....okay so she wants to be a world traveller???

We spent a couple of hours down in Parksville and headed home....on they way home the teenage tension was gone and I realized our trouble makers didn't need a lecture, they just needed our time


  1. It's funny how that works sometimes, we forget that they just need our time and undivided attention. I still like that from my Mom and Dad.

  2. How do you spell love.... T I M E
    that was beautiful Robin