Friday, June 3, 2011

Seminary ...It`s Over

Another year of Seminary (daily M-F early morning, scripture study class for high school students) ended to day with a breakfast worthy of a king. Waffles, berries, syrup, hash browns, bacon...yes my mouth is watering. When I went two decades ago we invaded the local Mickey D's and had hash browns and milkshakes (they turned it on special for us). I think my kids get a better meal deal :)

As a parent I love Seminary and judging by the fact that my kids never fought me on going and never slept through  their 5:30 am alarm they loved it too.

Seminary is a blessing. Besides making tired teenagers who actually want to go to bed, it reminds them daily that they have purpose and direction. They also learn to that the big, heavy scriptures they have carried around since they were eight actually have answers that they can understand in them, go figure.

A big, huge thank you to the two best seminary teachers in the world. Sister F and Sister N you guys rock.

My only worry now...five kids, three bathrooms...the fight over the showers will begin 7:00 am Monday June 6th . Should be quite the show :) So sorry you'll miss it!


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