Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Me. Perfect. No?

So just in case you thought I was still perfect....Here is my week in review :)

Forgot to call the Mother-in-law until 4 days AFTER her 60 th birthday

Dallyn's casual dinner conversation with the Missionaries "Did you know the guy who drew the "Alice in Wonderland story board, was DRUNK at the time"

My children's lunches on the second to last day of school, consisted of cupcake(s), graham crackers, butterscotch pudding and Ritz bits sandwich crackers (At least they brought a lunch right?)

Got in a "discussion" with my eleven year old because he lost the first "Beach day" permission slip, filled the second one out with HIGHLIGHTER., requiring yet a third permission slip...I'm sure his teacher thinks we're the brightest bunch on the block.

My teenagers who are official out for summer, are still sleeping at 10:30 am and I don't care. The peace and quiet is lovely.


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