Thursday, June 16, 2011

Honour Roll, Eye Roll

If contemplating faking appendicitis to avoid going to the High School academic award night makes me a bad parent then... guilty as charged!!! Its not that I am not shocked pleased with my rug rats achievements , I really am proud of them. Its the the sitting in a hot, over crowded gym, next to my Superman (who I forgot to bring snacks for) while we fight take turns with the camera getting shots of the back of peoples heads. While they mispronounce a thousand kids names, in a little less than three and a half hours....that takes a little convincing.....
Holly's photo was included in the top from the year

 I found it amusing that the two oldest rug rats hide their invitations from me,  while there ever eager sister handed me hers and gleefully threw thing one and two under the bus. Knowing that one and two didn't want to be there more than I...made the decision to go easy, I wouldn't miss it :)
 All three of them made the honour roll, seriously a proud parent moment.
 The brilliant Kramer sisters, of course it rus in the family ;)
We rewarded them with slurpees (shhhh don't tell them some kids get money or electronics) Does any one else find the irony in the fact that my three brainiacs decided to have a brain freeze contest all the way home...What can I say... they are Kramer by blood. Way to go girls, the honour roll, not the brain freeze :) 

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  1. Way to go Kramer Girls (on the Honour Rolls and the Brain Freezes!)