Sunday, June 5, 2011

Starring Bailey

Tonight was Bailey's year end Drama thing at the school....The Superman and I hadn't really planned on going until Bailey announced she had a big part in it, an entire monologue. So like the great parents we are...we went. Bailey had never really said much about her drama classes, so we had no idea what to expect and were a teeny bit worried how comfortable our somewhat reserved Bailey would be in the spotlight???

As we walked in Bailey's teacher said "Hi, Are you Bailey's parents?" We nodded. " I'm Mr. S, Bailey's drama teacher." " Are you guys LDS??" "Yes, Yes we are" I said trying not sound surprised at the question. {The last time a teacher asked me that it was to make sure one of my offspring was ethically aloud to participate in a Science class }"Oh I grew up in Lethbridge, Mr S said". "So did I" "Did you graduate at LCI?"  No CCH (Catholic Central High, located across the street from LCI) "Wow small world eh?" I said.  Mr S then told us he had done his teaching practicum in Cardston and seemed to very much respect the fact that were are LDS.

As we took our seats. Bailey says to us "I didn't know Mr S knew I was LDS?".... "Really, wow?"....

Bailey's performance was near the end of the night and as it was nearing I found myself being nervous for her...
The play was called "The Audition". As she entered the stage I was just hoping she would look up at the audience and remember her lines....

Bailey SHINED! She not only remembered her lines, but passionately performed a character deep with emotion and perfected timing. Grant and I sat there jaws dropped beaming with pride. Not the wow- my- kids- better- than- your- kid kind...No, the this kid who has always struggled to find her place, is now shinning in a spotlight all her own, kind. My heart soared for her.

Mr S came up to us after and said "She nailed it!, if only you could see where she started" . {Oh how we know were she started}"Bailey you should be very pleased with your performance!"

So happy we could share such an amazing moment with you Bailey. We love you :)


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