Monday, June 27, 2011

"A Work of Heart" and Saying Goodbye

When Grant and I left Port Alberni, the Ward there gave us a Goodbye Scrapbook, full of photos and notes. We consider it a true treasure of our time spent there. So when we finally came to terms with the fact that one of our favorite families here was really moving away. We thought it would be nice, as a Ward, to do the same for their family.....

So six weeks ago I sent out any email inviting all in our ward to contribute photos, letters, notes and anything else they wished to be included in a scrapbook.

The response was truly humbling. I kept having to replace the original binder with bigger ones, until we finally found a 4 inch binder, the biggest that still resembles a binder. It barely fit all of the pages.
The hardest part was keeping this a surprise, considering our families spend a lot of time together. Many times I scrambled to put everything away. But no one ever blew our cover....

The mad dash to finish, We had original planned to give the book to them privately. But realizing that the entire Ward had a hand in this, we decided to invite the Ward over for dessert and present the book then. We then realized that we had run out of week ends to plan this. So Tuesday and email went out inviting all for Sunday evening. Between Tuesday and Sunday. My kids, friends and the YW pitched in and we finished the book about 20 minutes before everyone arrived for dessert.

 And by everyone, I mean EIGHTY-ONE.(not sure we are zoned for that :) Not bad for short notice. That's small and simple, right, Michelle??? We were able to do everything outside and it was perfect evening.
Yes this picture is blurry(even after pulling out all the stops in my editing program)...and no its not to protect their identity. The taker shall remain nameless, but lets just say the Superman should pay more attention to the settings on the camera, just saying.

At the end of the evening,we truly surprised them and they we're great sports about it all, considering they are quiet, gracious and the last to seek attention or the spot light. No family should every leave a Ward without knowing that they are loved and appreciated and will be deeply missed. Thank you A, M, A, R, L, M for sharing your love and lives with us. You are leaving Courtenay a better place. We love you.


  1. That is really awesome that you guys did that for them. It's true that some families leave a ward after being there a long time and nothing gets done and it is a shame. It is great that the ward pulled together for the family!

  2. You've given us a treasure we will cherish always. We were truly humbled by everyone! We say thank you thank you thank you to you and your family, Robin and our lovely ward! We love you all!!! <3