Thursday, June 9, 2011

Permission Slip Overload

I have now lost count of the number of times the rug rats have needed my John Hancock on permission slips since the beginning of June. I think I have developed writer's cramp. And come on my older darlings, I was sure you would have mastered the art of the fake signature by now ;)

The days of the fill in the name at the top and sign the bottom slips are gone. You are now required to initial every paragraph, both parents have to sign multiple pages and two non family members MUST witness said pages to verify that your claim to the pedigree of the above mentioned off spring is accurate. All to cover the behinds of who ever is stupid brave enough to venture off school grounds with 30 orangutans and just in case they are abducted by aliens or trampled by stampeding zebras...

Alex's last slip required a grand total of 13 yes, 13 signatures. Not to mention every number attached to her name since birth. I also enjoyed the numerous warnings of death, dismemberment and/ or injury that could result from rock fall, lightening strike, sudden weather event, falling hippopotamus (ok maybe not that). Are you sure you don't want me to slap a helmet on her noggin and wrap the rest  of her in bubble wrap?

Filling out forms is the many only time(s) having  a boat load of kids is annoying :) So I sure hope my rug rats enjoy the rock climbing, dragon boating, cave exploring, museum (poor  Dallyn), beach, wave pool...All while I go get the carpal tunnel syndrome I am sure I have developed, diagnosed :)


  1. Yeah, c'mon! I had my mom's signature down to perfection. You'd better teach them Robin! ;)

  2. I love your strike out words :)
    And this being the first year I've had to do permission slips I don't mind it. Of course I only have 1 to sign for and it's Kindergarten so it's not like they go far or very much.